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By: Me! ^^;;
Inspiration: Faith Hill - Breathe
Rating: G
Warnings: Bring a toothbrush. So much sugar it will give you cavities. ♥ :3


Tyson sighed, his eyelashes fluttering lightly as he opened deep brown eyes to gaze at the stars in the sky. A small smile adorned his lips, and he gently ran his hand through the golden-blond hair of the blader whose head was on his chest. Clear sea-blue eyes also rested on the stars so high above their heads as they lay on an old patterned blanket-- worn from years and years of use-- which was spread out on the cool, grassy hill. The rest of the world was silent, as any worries were abandoned for the slow and steady rush of breath and heartbeats. The gentle breeze softly caressed the small bodies of two young boys, lying together in a world where so very few people could just be-- be everything and nothing, be so important and so insignificant. Max reached for Tyson's other hand, intertwining nimble fingers as he allowed himself to melt into the blue-haired boy, whose chest he was leaning on. Tyson's smile windened, as he closed his hand around Max's. He could hear the other boy's breathing; soft and sweet and all he ever needed. The stars shone in the deep azure sky, but Tyson averted his eyes. Instead, his gaze met that of the other blader. Max smiled back, and gently changed his position so he was lying next to Tyson. Hands still clasped, they leaned their foreheads gently together, taking comfort in each other's presence as the world faded away. Neither knew who leaned forward first, but suddenly their lips met and Tyson slowly moved his mouth against the cherry lips of the one person who meant the world to him. His heart beat in his chest, but being so close to the blond boy he quickly forgot whose heartbeat was whose. Gently breaking away, Max rested his head in the crook of Tyson's neck.

"I love you, Ty."

Tyson smiled, and though no one could see it, he knew the other had felt it.

"I love you too, Maxie."

And what could be more perfect?


Enjoy! :D
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