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More Fanfiction! ♥

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Title Playing
Rating PG-13
Warning Mindless risque fun. :D

Max growled playfully, mock-glaring at the dark-haired boy under him. Tyson growled back loudly, a grin on his face, as his slender arms hooked around the blond blader's neck. With a practiced movement, he flipped them both over so that he was on top. Grin widening, he pinned Max's skinny wrists above his head.

"Comfortable, Maxie?" Tyson smirked as the boy under him rolled his clear blue eyes. Inner Tyson was bouncing around like the idiot he just happened to be, proclaiming victory. Unfortunately for him, Max was not about to give up just yet. He would show him-- even if he had to play a little dirty. The blond prided himself in his willingness to get his feet wet when it came to almost everything; and Tyson was in for a surprise.

Max lowered his eyelashes slightly, looking up at the boy on top of him with something generally labeled 'unbridled lust'. He gently bit his lower lip until it was slightly swollen, and slowly moved his face closer to the other boy's until they were nose to nose. He made his voice stay short and breathy as he replied, a hint of a purr in the back of his throat. "Very.."

Tyson nearly jumped. His face flushed a deep cherry red, moving his face as far from the other boy's as physically possible with his hand still around Max's wrists, as he let out a slight 'eep!'. Max continued to move his face closer, gently pulling one of his thin wrists free. He placed that free hand on Tyson's chest, fiddling slightly with the other boy's shirt as he trailed his finders up and down. A predatory, lusty grin made it's way onto his face. "But Tyson," he dragged out the name, making sure to lick his lips slightly, "I thought you wanted to play.."

Tyson's face got redder-- if that was physically possible-- than before, as he rattled his brain for a reply. It didn't work, as Tyson's eyes absolutely refused to leave the other blader's mouth. He felt heat shoot through his body as he attempted to say something, but all he could manage was a stutter as he felt one of the fingers on Max's free hand tug teasingly at his pants. He bit down a moan. "M-max! W-what a-are y-yo--" He was cut off as he felt Max free his other hand-- only to pull at his shirt. He had decided forsake speech to concentrate on NOT moaning, which had been bumped to Priority Number One.

Max frowned to himself. His tactics were working, but not quickly enough-- it looked like drastic measures were necessary! He gently put his mouth to the other boy's ear, and started licking and nipping at Tyson's earlobe. He heard a short moan, and grinned to himself. Breathing hotly in the other blader's ear, he spoke quietly.

"Tyson.." He went back to tugging at the other boy's waistband. "I.." Grinning, as he was positive he heard something that vaguely resembled a 'yes?', he continued. "Win." Quickly withdrawing his hands, he flipped them both over and pinned Tyson down. Smirking at the confused face the other was making at him, he started laughing. Slowly, the confusion on the dark haired boy's face was replaced with incredulous, and then annoyance.

"You.." Tyson growled, "You.."

Max grinned. "Yes?"

Tyson grinned lustfully. "You, Maxie, are going to pay for that." He leaned up, and roughly shoved their mouths together. In surprise, the azure-eyed blader let go of his hands, and Tyson quickly slipped one around Max's neck and the other down to tug at his waistband, mimicking what Max had done earlier. Breaking apart for air only for a second, he pressed his mouth to the other boy's again, growling in the back of his throat as he heard Max moan.

Oh yes. Max was going to pay.

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